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Hot Tube tester

Hot Tube tester

Hot Tube tester

Model Number:

HT 201

Application Standard :


Features :

KOMATSU Hot Tube tester


-Temperature range : 200-350 degree C
- Precision of temperature control : Plus/minus 1 degree C
- Sample oil feeding rate : 0.31ml/hour for 16 hrs. continuous
-Delivery system of compressed air : his device makes 10ml/min flow rate
possible from compressed air supplied.
- Dimensions : 750mm(W) x 600mm(L) x 785mm(H)
- Net weight : 75kg
- Items included in standard specification
Color specimen for rating(1), Power cable(1), Glass Tube(12),Glass Tube setup tool(1) O-ring(12), Plug(6), Tool for Acrylic block(1), Reference oil (100ml), Instruction manual
-. Utility the customer should arrange Compressed air 0.2-04MPa and piping to equipment
- Electricity : AC100V 50/60Hz 15A For other voltage,
voltage step-down transformer is needed.

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