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Hamburg Wheel tracking - Smartracker

Hamburg Wheel tracking - Smartracker

Hamburg Wheel tracking - Smartracker

Model Number:


Application Standard :

EN 12697-22 | AASHTO T-324

Features :

Meets and exceeds AASHTO and EN Standards.
Simultaneous testing of wet and dry samples.
Indipendent motors for each wheel assure separate rutting analysis of each specimen.
High performance components.
No lifting of heavy wheel assemblies. Wheels retract automatically.
Sturdy machine, designed for the rugged construction laboratory environment.
Sliding sample positioning mechanism for easy mould handling and placement in the machine.


Wheel load: 705 N
Wheel speed: from 20 to 30 cycles/minute.
Temperature control: EN 12697-22: 2500W heaters for air temperature control, ventilation for temperature uniformity, probe for air temperature, all controlled by the electronic system.
AASHTO T324: 4000W heaters, recirculating pump, automatic feed and controls level.
Temperature control range: from ambient up to 75°± 1 °C
Table travel: 230 mm
Rut depth transducers range: 25 mm ± 0.1 mm accuracy.
Slab thickness: adjustable from 38 to 120 mm

Power supply: 220V 50-60Hz
Dimensions: 1400x1300x1300 mm
Weight: 450 kg approx.

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