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 Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
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Likewise, we know how critical the quality of concrete and cement is to ensure safety and durability of construction. There are various cement and concrete quality standards, against which the concrete to be utilized for construction should be benchmarked. Depending upon the quality and proportion of components used for making the concrete, the quality is expected to differ. There are concrete testing equipments which help industries determine whether or not the concrete they are using has the desired properties like hardness, elasticity, and workability.
To know what portion of concrete may be vulnerable to corrosion a Cor Map can be used. A Cor Map will help plot on a grid lines of equipotential contours so as to understand areas of possible corrosion activity. To gauge whether or not the concrete that is being used has adequate compressive strength, rebound hammer test equipment may be used.

Cor Map
Cor Map
Concrete /rebound test hammer
Concrete /rebound test hammer
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