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 Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
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 Asphalt Testing Equipments : Asphalt Splitter

Asphalt Splitter
Model :
Application Standard :
Features :
1. This instrument is used to break and crumble asphalt samples to facilitate bulk density tests and laboratory testing purposes, by reducing the granulating time in few minutes with high quality results.
2. A rough asphalt sample of approx. 1 kg is poured into the stainless steel bowl equipped, at its bottom, of three rotating paddles.
3. One to three minutes are normally sufficient to obtain a grained sample
4. A hinged cabinet reducing noise protects the bowl

Specifications :
1. Stainless steel bowl capacity : 6 ltr
2. Multirange timer : sec/min/hr
3. Paddles speed : 1400 rpm
4. Main switch, Start/Stop button
5. Switch for reverse mode of the rotating paddles (very useful when the material restrains between paddle/bowl)
6. Power supply : 230V, 50 Hz ,1 phase, 1500W
7. Weight : 85 kg approx.

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