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 Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
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 Asphalt Testing Equipments : Gyratory Compactor

Gyratory Compaction is said to be one of the most efficient methods of laboratory compaction for assessing the manufacture and compatibility of test specimens. During the process of compaction, the height of the specimen is measured automatically and both the void content and the density of the mixture are calculated. During this test, the tester can decide whether he is going to compact for a particular number of gyrations or until a certain void content or target density of the mixture is achieved.


The efficiency of a gyratory compactor can be determined on the basis of its ease of usage and build quality. JP Scientific Equipments offers the B041 model of gyratory compactor which has a number of features, including an extremely rigid steel frame which ensures excellent angle control. The load is applied via an electro-pneumatic cylinder and is controlled by a precision pressure regulator. The height is measured using a bilinear transducer. It has electronic control with a fancy touch screen display and an unlimited memory storage which includes 1 SD card and 2 USB ports. It establishes a direct connection to internet and intranet and immediate diagnostic analyses of potentially problematic situations are carried out.


To enjoy accurate and precise laboratory results, you need the right equipment. With JP Scientific Equipments you never have to worry about the accuracy of results.

Gyratory Compactor
Model :
Application Standard :
ASTM D6925 / AASHTO T312 /SHRP M002/EN12697-10/EN12697-31
Features :
- Highly rigid steel frame ensuring excellent angle control
- Load is applied by electro Pneumatic cylinder, servo controlled by
precision pressure regulator, the height is measured bilinear transducer
-The machine is calibrated at factory with the internal angle set at
1.16° according to ASTM standard
-Electronic control with touch screen color display that runs like a standard PC
based window operating system
-Easy set up of parameters and immediate automatic execution of the test,
data acquisition, processing, graphics & file.
-Direct connection to intranet & internet to establish remote communication
and receive an immediate diagnostic analysis of potential problem
- Unlimited memory storage with 2 USB port , 1 SD card

Specifications :
1. Specimen Dia 100mm & 150 mm, Compaction Height : 0 to 200 mm
2. Mould Dimensions: 100mm & 150 mm Dia. , 250mm Height
3. Gyratory Angle : 0 to 2.4°
4. Number of Cycles : 5 to 60 work cycles /min
5. Vertical load on 150 mm Dia .: adjustable from 10 to 900 KPa
6. Vertical Load on 100 mm Dia. : adjustable from 23 to 1500 KPa
Height, load and angle verification kit, Automatic specimen extractor unit built in.
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