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 Sunday, 29 Mar 2020
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 Asphalt Testing Equipments : Semi –automatic softening point tester(ring & ball)

Semi –automatic softening point tester(ring & ball)
Model :
Application Standard :
EN1427/ASTM D36/AASHTO T53 / NF T66-008
Features :
1.Digital microprocessor tester designed to determine softening point
2.Two laser sensor that detects the softening point
3.Real time visualization of the bath temperature, test progress, rpm of stirrer
4.Data storage up to 300 result and RS232 port for download of test result
5.After loading the sample and preconditioning , test is executed fully
automatically with a press of start key
6.Supplied completely with accessories like steel ball, tapered ring, ball
centering guide
7.Top quality component: laser sensors, electronic magnetic stirrer, ceramic
glass heating plate
Specifications :
1. Temperature rise rate : 5 °c/min
2. Magnetic stirrer with speed adjustment : 0 to 200 rpm
3. Temperature range : 30 to 80°C (Distilled water)
80 to 150°C (Glycerol)
4. Detection : By laser sensor
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